International Academic Coorperation  between Rennes School of Business (RSB) in France and Chinese Culture University (CCU)

1) CCU Bachelor + RSB Master Degree under a 3/3.5/4+1.5

This cooperation is to enable CCU bachelor students, not limited in business/ management/ economics fields, after successfully completed their compulsory bachelor courses within 3 or 3.5 year study instead of 4 years to spend their final year at Rennes on the Master (MA, MSc ) programme starting in September in order to obtain both the CCU bachelor degree and ESCR Master degree.

Through this cooperative programme, students will be able to obtain both the CCU bachelor degree and RSB Master degree. In order to be granted the Master degree, CCU students should provide their CCU Bachelor degree before the end of their Master studies in addition to succeed the required master courses, internship, graduating project and all the other Master programme requirements at RSB. 4th year Bachelor students can  directly apply to the master MA (MSc) programmes.

       Fall Intake (3 or 4 + 1.5) : 14 MA / MSc Programmes in English

             From September year 1 to April year 2: Course work (Semester 1 & 2) 

             From May to September year 2: dissertation writing (MA, MSc) and internship (MSc) 

Spring intake (3.5 + 1.5) :3 MSc Programmes in English with 8 specializations

             From January to April : Course work (Semester 1) / From May to August : Internship period 1 / From September to December: Course work (Semester 2)

          From January to March Year 2: Internship period 2 & dissertation

An optional 2-week winter session takes place in January Year 2 for all MA, MSc students; Internship is compulsory for MSc programme, and optional for MA programme.

2) CCU Bachelor + RSB 2-Year HBBA & Masters Programme under a 3/4+2 model

This cooperation is to enable CCU bachelor students, not limited in business/ management/ economics fields, after successfully completed 3 years studies (just for indication, students should obtain around 90 US credits) to spend 2 years' studies at Rennes: The Honors BBA studies during 1st year (the credits obtained at Hons BBA are transferable to home university) and followed by a Master Program at the 2nd Year.

Students having already completed their home university Bachelor degree can also apply to the 2-Year Hons BBA and Master programs.

The 2-Year Hons BBA & Dual Master Program schedule:

From September Year 1 to April Year 2: Honors BBA Courses (Semester 1 & 2) & Graduating Report, and complete 62 ECTS; upon successfully completing the 62ECTS credits, students obtain the Hons BBA degree. From May Year 2 to June Year 3: Master with a specialization (9 Masters) program and complete 90 ECTS:

From May Year 2 to December Year 2: Master courses (Semester 3 & 4)

From January to June Year 3: internship and master dissertation Dual Master Degree Grant:

Master in Specialization grant requirements :

Successfully completing the Master credits (90ECTS) o One of the Bachelor Degree Certificate before 30th July Year 2

English Test TOEIC/750 or IELTS: 6.5 or TOEFL/80 before 30th March Year 3

Master in Management MIM (PGE) degree grant requirements & the specific deadline:

Successfully completing the Master credits (90ECTS) o Gmat test before 30th March Year 2,

Home university bachelor degree certificate before 30th July Year 2,

Hons BBA degree certificate before 30th July Year 2,

English Test TOEICI750 or IELTS: 6.5 or TOEFL/80 before 30th March Year 3.


Admission & Language skills

Students should be preselected by home university, and succeed an interview by RSB's Program Manager in order to be admitted to this Programs.

Students should submit an English test with a minimum score required by each program before their departure to Rennes IELTS/6.5; TOEFL/80 or TOEIC/750.

Students with a minimum score of IELTS/6.0; TOEFS70 or TOEIC/700 should either register to the online Intensive English Course (IEC) offered by RSB, or take another test and submit a satisfactory score.

Students without Business study background should register to the online Business &  Management Preparation Courses (BMPC) prior to their Programme starts. ).

Cretids & Transfer

CCU uses TAIWAN university credit system, and RSB uses (ECTS: European Credit Transfer System). 1 TAIWAN credit is equivalent to 1.5 or 2 ECTS credits. Both universities agree that the credits obtained in each institution are transferable to the partner university if it matches academically.

Tuition fees & Scholarships

Rennes School of Business provides partial scholarships for dual degree students from CCU. RSB staff will provide the number of scholarships available each year, and the selection will be based on the recommendation of CCU. -

MA; MSc Tuition in 2017: 16500€; 3 Scholarships of 1000€ each are reserved to CCU dual degree applicants

2-Year HBBA & Master tuition in 2017: 26600€; Scholarships of 2000€ each are reserved to all CCU dual degree applicants

The agreement starts on the date of signature,  and remains in force for 5 (five) year.