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MA Degree Requirements & Thesis Guidelines

Students who are enrolled at the Graduate Program of the English Department for 2016 academic year should fulfill the following requirements.

1    Time Limitation

1.1         The student must complete all degree requirements within 6 years.

1.2         Leave of absence is allowed upon application for up to 4 years. An extension for one additional year of leave may be granted for the following reasons: 1) medical/health difficulties; 2) special reasons.

2    Course Requirements

2.1    Required courses:

Course No.

Course Title





Research Methods of English Literature



The student should take at least one of the courses listed here, depending on which track he or she is going to take for the master’s thesis.


Research Methods of English Teaching





Total credits/hours

2.2     Pre-requisites for students without an undergraduate degree in English:

Course Title




Undergraduate courses offered by the Department

in the field of literature


in the field of linguistics

(Select one track)



1.  The student should take at least 6 credits in one of the fields listed here, depending on which track he or she is going to take for the master’s thesis.

2.  Literature courses available include: English Literature (I), English Literature (II), American Literature, Introduction to Western Literature, Approaches to Literary Works, English Drama, English Poetry, and other elective courses.

3.  Linguistics courses available include: Introduction to Linguistics, Phonology, Semantics, Sociolinguistics, Comparative Syntax: English and Chinese, and other elective courses.



Total credits/hours

2.3   Depending on the length of the master’s thesis, the student has two options regarding the total required credits for completing the degree:
  •  With a thesis of at least 70 pages (excluding references and appendices), the student needs to complete 30 credits for the course work.
  •  With a thesis of at least 30 pages (excluding references and appendices), the student needs to complete 36 credits for the course work.

2.4   The student may take up to 9 credits of the courses offered by graduate programs at other universities. The courses should be in related fields and approved by the Program.

2.5   For the first 4 semesters, the student should take a total of 2 to 12 credits every semester.

2.6   Upon registration, the student is required to take the writing proficiency test. Those who do not pass the test at the score of 5 should take the graduate writing course titled “Advanced Writing in English.”

3   Other Requirements

3.1  The student should pass one of the following language requirements and submit a copy of the transcript to the Program before the thesis defense. Failure to present the transcript will lead to cancellation of the defense.

  • TOFEL IBT with a score of 79;
  • TOFEL ITP with a score of 550;
  • TOEIC with a score of 750;
  • IELTS with a score of 5.5; or
  • GEPT with the high-intermediate level.

3.2  The school requires that each graduate student present a paper in an academic conference or publish a paper in a refereed academic journal before the thesis defense. The presentation and the paper should be in English.

3.2.1   After the conference presentation, the student should submit a full-length conference paper (at least 10 pages) along with the certificate of presentation issued by the conference organizers.

3.2.2   For the proof of journal publication, the student should submit the letter of acceptance issued by the journal editor. The paper has to be published in a refereed academic journal in a related field in Taiwan or in other countries.

3.3   The student is required to attend three academic conferences as well as five speeches or seminars in related fields and turn in the certificates before the thesis defense.

4   Thesis Adviser

4.1  The student should find an adviser for his/her thesis and complete the “Application for Thesis Adviser” form, which includes the adviser’s name and the intended direction of the thesis, before the end of the 3rd semester.

4.2  The adviser has to be a full-time or adjunct professor who offers graduate courses in the Program. If the student wishes to have two advisers, one of them must meet the said criterion. A student should have no more than 2 advisers.

4.3  If the student wishes to change the adviser, he/she must get written consents from both the former and the latter advisers and file an application to the Department. The application needs to be approved by the Chair and be reported to the Academic Affairs Department before any change can be implemented. The new adviser has to meet the criterion stated in 4.2. If the adviser is leaving or retiring from the job, the student should find another eligible professor as the co-adviser.

4.4   Before the thesis defense, if the adviser wishes to terminate the advisor-advisee relationship or is unable to continue serving the role, he/she should file a written report to the Department expressing the reasons for such a decision. The Program will then notify the student to find another adviser.

4.5   A professor eligible for the role of thesis adviser is allowed to advise, within the same academic year, up to 3 students who have submitted their thesis proposals. Students who have not turned in their proposals are not restricted to this number.

5   Master’s Thesis

5.1  Thesis Proposal: The student should complete a thesis proposal under the supervision of the advisor and submit it to the Department before the deadline specified by the University for the semester.

5.2   Progress Evaluation: The student has to pass the progress evaluation no later than the semester he/she plans to graduate in order to apply for the thesis defense. The progress evaluation will be held within the first month of the semester (October/March), organized by the Chair or the adviser along with two other faculty members in the Program.

5.3   Format and Structure:

5.3.1   The thesis should be a well-organized academic writing with all the necessary research components. The thesis is written in English; however, the title and the abstract should both be in English and in Chinese.

5.3.2   A thesis in the field of literature shall follow the latest edition of the MLA Style Manual while one in the field of English Teaching shall be written according to the most up-to-date APA style.

5.3.3   The student has two options for the thesis. (See 2.3 for the course requirements in relation to this issue.)

Option A: at least 70 pages at length (excluding references and appendices)

Option B: at least 30 pages at length (excluding references and appendices)

6   Thesis Defense

6.1   The student should apply for thesis defense before the deadline specified by the University for the semester and turn in the required proof of fulfilling the language requirement before the defense.

6.2   The defense committee consists of members who have expertise on the topic of the thesis  and who also meet one of the following criteria:

6.2.1   Being or having been a professor or associate professor;

6.2.2   Being or having been an academician, a research fellow, or an associate research fellow of Academia Sinica.

6.2.3   Holding a doctoral degree with certain academic accomplishment;

6.2.4   Having academic or professional expertise in a rare or highly specialized discipline.

Members whose eligibility is based on 6.2.3 or 6.2.4 should not exceed one third of the defense committee.

6.3   The date of defense will be negotiated and decided by the committee members and the Department. The student has to submit three copies of the thesis and sign up for the time and place of the defense two weeks prior to the exam.

6.4   The time of the defense will be 2 hours maximum.

6.5   The passing grade for the defense is 70. If more than one third of the committee members assign a grade below 70, the student has failed the defense. If the student has not exceeded the 4-year limit, he/she may apply for the defense one more time in the subsequent semester. However, he/she is allowed to re-take the defense only once.

6.6   Should there be any plagiarism or cheating discovered in the process, the student will be considered failing after the confirmation of the defense committee. If the plagiarism or cheating is found after the conferral of the degree, the student’s degree will be revoked and the student will be asked to return to the University the degree certificate awarded.