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105學年度開課科目(Courses for Fall 2016 & Spring 2017)

文學相關課程 (Literature Related Courses)

英美文學研究方法 (Research methods of English Literature)

小說理論 (Theory of Novel)

二十世紀英國詩專題 (Special Studies in 20th Century English Poetry)

19世紀及20世紀美國女小說家 (19th and 20th Centuries American Women Novelists)

當代文學批評 (Contemporary Literary Criticism)

兒童文學專題 (Special Topics in Children’s Literature)

維多利亞小說與物質文化 (Victorian Novels and Material Culture)

生態詩專題 (Ecological Poetry)

文學教學 (Teaching English Literature in the EFL Classroom)

英語教學相關課程 (TESL Related Courses)

英語教學研究方法 (Research Methods of English Teaching)

第二語言習得研究 (Second Language Acquisition Research)

高級英文寫作 (Advanced Writing in English)

語言與文化 (Language and Culture)

多元社會文化 (Cultural Pluralism in Society)

教學語法 (Pedagogical Grammar)

篇章分析 (Text Analysis)

數位英語教學策略與應用 (e-TESOL Strategies and Applications)


其它課程  (Other Courses Available)