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Welcome to Department and Graduate Institute of English Language & Literature


Facilities & Equipment

  1. The University has established an e-campus curricular counseling system so that teachers can upload their basic curricular information, such as syllabi, lesson plans, teaching methods, grading system, demands for the courses etc. Teachers can also take advantage of this platform as their bulletin board to post important notices, newsletters, upload and download teaching materials, exchanges for learning experiences, access to handing in homework assignments, announcing the school reports and teaching evaluation, etc. Office Hours are also posted to facilitate the interaction between teachers and students. Students may set aside time if they want to ask teachers questions or request information.
  2. Every teacher has a computer on his or her desk. There is an Epson laser printer in every faculty office as well. They can be utilized to make and print out a variety of multimedia materials. The teacher is able to communicate with students by making good use of the facilities.
  3. The classrooms used by the students of the department are equipped with the self-developed, second-and-third-generation multimedia desks on which microphones, computers, televisions as well as CD, DVD and VCR players are installed. Teachers can use these audio-visual teaching facilities or projection slides to facilitate diverse teaching strategies, enhance students’ interests in learning, help with concentration on their studies, and promote effective learning results.
  4. The Student Association is responsible for the management of a special computerized classroom which belongs to the English Department and the Graduate Institute. There are 20 computers, 2 printers and 2 television sets in this classroom, available for facilitating teaching and playing video tapes.
  5. Students are also allowed to utilize the computers in the computerized classroom provided by the Information Center. There are 1323 new models of high-speed computers, 40 colored or black & white printers, and 18 scanners.
  6. Those students who own a Notebook computer will be able to surf the Internet smoothly with a cordless connection.
  7. The students of the department attend the English Conversation Laboratory classes in the multimedia audio-visual classrooms. There are eleven classrooms at the Language Center. Each classroom is equipped with an Information Desk (including computer, tape recorder, VCR, slide projector, earset, microphone etc).
  8. The students of the department can also utilize the multimedia materials stored in the multimedia audio-visual classrooms on the 2nd Floor and 7th Floor in the library of the university for self-study.
  9. In the past, the books which belong to our department were ordered by our teachers and students (periodicals, databases, and on-line English Learning software). For instance, Live ABC, GEPT (General English Proficiency Test) on-line Testing system, Tell Me More, Simulator Anime, etc were purchased and managed all together. But starting in the 2007-2008 academic year, the Library Management Committee of the Department organized by our teachers will order books and materials. The university's library will purchase them separately and take a joint inventory for management and maintenance.
  10. Besides the books and materials in the university's library, the English Department houses books and audio-visual materials donated by other universities, publishers and teachers. They are available to everyone. They have been accumulated over the years until they amount to a number. As of now, our department's library houses thousands of books in the fields of English, American literature, linguistics, English teaching and related theses, dozens of domestic and foreign periodicals, dozens of information resources about studying domestically or abroad.